Httpool Offers Advertising on Skype in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia Exclusivelly

Httpool Offers Advertising on Skype in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia Exclusivelly

Httpool announced that it would begin offering advertising inventory on Skype, helping brands take advantage of the growing popularity of Skype in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia. 

Skype inventory on those markets will be sold exclusively by Httpool. Skype is the communications provider of text, voice and video that makes it simple and fun to share experiences with your closest friends, family and colleagues, wherever they are on whatever device they choose. Skype has more than 300 million active monthly users in 73 markets around the world. Advertising on Skype allows brands to sponsor personal connections – the big and small moments that make life wonderful.

“People love Skype, which makes it a great place for any brand looking to reach a large and engaged audience,” said Timotej Gala, Managing Director CEE, Httpool. “But beyond that, the innovation across screens and operating systems is what allows advertisers to reach audiences at the right time, with the right information, when they are making decisions with the people they trust the most.”

Httpool offers branded experiences, like Conversation Ads, Skype Homepage Takeovers and other premium placements that give brands access to the Skype community in an uncluttered, engaging environment. The formats also make it easy for advertisers to take advantage of existing creative. Offerings include:

  • Homepage Takeover Premium Masthead 650×170: Expandable and non-expandable ad units that allow advertisers to take over the Skype Homepage during a given timeframe, like a special occasion (Mother’s Day, Valentine’s day, Holidays or Football Season)
  • Homepage Standard 300×250: Standard ad format with option to expand which makes unique user experience even better.
  • Conversation Ad Standard 300×250: Skype’s premium advertising that appears within 1:1 Skype to Skype calls, allowing brands to actually become a part of the conversation.

These advertising experiences have proven impact for brands, resulting in double digit lifts in some of the hardest to move metrics like intent to recommend and intent to purchase.

“At Skype, we believe in the importance of making deep and real connections – with family and people who feel like family. Skype exists to bring people closer together today and everyday – no matter which country they live in, no matter which device they choose to use,” said Lovina McMurchy, GM of Skype Advertising. “It’s the powerful connections that we help make along with our laser focus on the user experience that make Skype such a great place for consumers and brands alike. With new markets launching in central and eastern Europe, we look forward to working with even more brands around the world to sponsor life’s most important connections.”

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