InArticle video bridges the gap between InBanner and InStream video

InArticle video bridges the gap between InBanner and InStream video

New ad format breaches the gap between InBanner and InStream video thus providing additional advertising opportunities.

Combination of sound and motion of video ads is arguably providing a stronger connection with the brand. Consequently, video advertising on digital media continues to grow, taking over TV advertising budgets.

Emergence of advanced video formats creates greater efficiency and higher visibility.  Growing demand for InStream video is surpassing available inventory. Many of the publishers still lack video content, limiting InStream video advertising opportunities. This is why Httpool launched InArticle video.

InArticle video is placed in prime position, similar to InStream video ad. However, the video is displayed within the article, thus guaranteeing complete video viewability. Additionally, video is played only when in viewable position on the screen, while sound is initiated with mouse over, which creates convenient and non-intrusive user experience. Video ads are delivered across Httpool network, enabling high reach among relevant internet users.

To publishers without their own video content, or lack thereof, InArticle video provides unique opportunity to monetize prime positions in articles, while retaining great user experience.

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